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Your target audience is our priority. It's good to know that you are constantly evolving your brand into a world of Gen Y & Z. Because we are never not communicating with them for you. Gen Y & Z are not just part of our inner circle; we understand them and speak their language like no other. We are where they are, both online and offline. Creator driven content is the #1 way to connect. It's at the core of everything we do. &MediaGroup is a disruptive force for influencer marketing, with a strategic, creative and data-driven answer for brands. As data & digital natives, we go the extra mile and don't stop until we get the complete picture. Our agency project team specializes in executing large-scale influencer and branded content campaigns. In this way we simplify your life in the process.


&MediaGroup has been the pioneering force behind influencer marketing in Europe since 2018. Our founders Britt Hogenhuis and Sophie van der Schaft redefined a category by building a influential creator-led media agency which unites marketing, PR, talent management, format development and content production. Together they are two female powerhouses who don’t shy away from sassy marketing solutions. They are storytellers and story-doers, delivering ideas that punch, charm, bang and twist. But most importantly: always make impact.

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&MediaGroup prides itself on being a European pioneer, focusing on creator-driven stories with influence. We have set the standard in our category and continue to lead in unlocking the creative potential of influential voices. We never rest and are constantly learning and pushing boundaries. Our aim is to inspire and be inspired, as we have high ambitions for our clients and see ourselves as crucial to their success. Excellence is at the core of everything we do, and we are relentless in our pursuit of it. We are a team that is enterprising, resourceful, driven, and intuitive, and we are ambitious for success, for ourselves, and for our clients. Acceptance is a fundamental value for us, and innovation is key to our success. The symbol & represents progress and ambition for us, embodying our commitment to learn, create, inspire, entertain, and give people a feeling that they belong.


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